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Evolution: Making Sense of Life

Evolution: Making Sense of Life
by Zimmer and Emlen

ISBN: 1936221365

The Beak of the Finch
by Jonathan Weiner

ISBN: 067973337X




RELEVANT READINGS (papers are linked below and can also be found on the Readings page)

Monday, 8/5 - Tuesday, 8/6 The Great Naturalists and Deep Time.

Famous Dhobzhansky article

Wednesday, 8/7 - Thursday, 8/8 From Mendel to the Genome.
Friday, 8/9; Monday, 8/12 The Forces of Evolution.
Tuesday, 8/13 - Wednesday, 8/14 Evolution in Action.

Palumbi 2001: This paper describes some of the many ways in which humans are rewriting the story of evolution and how those changes incur an economic cost.

Thursday, 8/15 Naturalists with Genomes - Island Biogeography - Wallace and Indonesia.