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Photos: Bootcamp 2006


Rob, always scrutinizing...


Tristan and Hernan fulfill their dreams of becoming American Idol Superstars.



Hernan at his temple worships the VectorNTI gods.


Odisse demonstrates how dancing can introduce noise into the optical tweezer.


Notice how how the male (Rob) tries to intimidate other males (Bill) by fluffing his chest feathers.


The big day...time to see some results!


Eric and Julie explain how to blow up cells by applying large voltages.


"Is it true you wrote your own computer language for data analysis?"
"Yes...yes it is."


Bill gets grilled at the board in Broad.


Pierre (aka The Frenchman) celebrates the end of bootcamp.


Dan and Ashok, weren't those glasses full just a few minutes ago?


Even when Bootcamp is isn't really over - Tristan toils on the webpage.


Rob...ready for another bootcamp?



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