RELEVANT READINGS (papers are linked below and can also be found on the Files page)

Monday, 9/19 A feeling for the numbers in biology, Quantitative data demands quantitative models, Introduction to Matlab

Cell SnapShot

Feeling for the numbers in Biology

Tuesday, 9/20 Statistical mechanics and regulatory biology, How to make a genetic switch, How cells decide where to go, Image analysis with Matlab

Transcriptional regulation by the numbers: models

First exposure to stat mech in Biology

Chemotaxis theory 1

Chemotaxis theory 2

Chemotaxis experiments 1

Chemotaxis experiments 2

Wednesday, 9/21 The physics of genome management  - How viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes package and access their genomes

Packaging DNA in viruses

DNA-encoded nucleosome organization

Mechanism of Protein Access to Specific DNA Sequences in Chromatin

Thursday, 9/22 Springs in biology. Life at membranes. The energy budget for trafficking. Pulling membrane tubules.

Membrane curvature controls dynamin polymerization.

The Role of Lipid Bilayer Mechanics in Mechanosensation

Friday, 9/23 Adventure in science, Physical approaches to evolution

The Sarawak Law

Wallace's paper on natural selection

Recommended Textbook

- not required for the class, the best source for more information on the topics covered during the lectures.

Physical Biology of the Cell

Physical Biology of the Cell
by Phillips, Kondev and Theriot

ISBN: 0815341636