APH 162

About the class

This course is the experimental counterpart of BE/APh 161: Physical Biology of the Cell. The basic idea of both courses is to pursue the exciting opportunities that exist at the interface between biology and more traditional quantitative sciences. In particular, the ambition of these courses is to use quantitative tools to investigate biological systems.




  • 1/31/10: To calculate DNA lengths for MolBio Part I homework, we recommend using Lasergene, available from Caltech and the sequences we have provided on the Links page.
  • 1/19/10: The project abstracts are posted on the syllabus page.
  • 1/19/10: Remember that you need to answer questions in the handout as well as the assigned problems. An easy way to do this is to answer them as you type up your notebook.
  • 1/15/10: An additonal Matlab Tutorial will he held 1-4pm on Monday in 16 Braun.
  • 1/13/10: Homework 1 is now due Jan 22 at 5pm, at the same time as Homework 2.
  • 1/12/10: The Matlab Tutorial will be held 2-4 pm on Friday in 16 Braun. Office hours for other questions will be from 1-4 pm on Friday as well.
  • 1/11/10: the Collaboration and Website Policy has been posted on the syllabus page. Instructions to mount snowdome are on the links page.
  • 1/7/10: Homework 1 has been updated. You will complete the Point Spread Function Lab from Tuesday, and two of: DNA Flow, Photobleaching Curve, and E. coli Growth.
  • 1/7/10: Office Hours will be held Friday 1-4 pm and Monday 1-4 pm.