APH 161

Homeworks are due at the beginning of class one week after they are posted.  Solutions will be posted two days after the homeworks are submitted, and homeworks will be returned a week after they are submitted.

Late policy: NO late homeworks will be accepted (late means anytime after class starts the day the homework is due) unless you have a mindblowingly good excuse - this means a note from someone like a doctor or a Dean.  Rob does not grant extensions.

Collaboration policy: you may discuss the homework with others, but your explanations and derivations must be your own.  Your logic and the significance of your results should also be explained.

HW1 (due Jan 11) solutions

  • atp Synthase Spreadsheet
  • Schmidt et al.
  • HW2 (due Jan 18) solutions

  • Growth Movie Files
  • Coding Solution
  • HW3 (due Jan 25) solutions

    HW4 (due Feb 1) solutions

    HW5 (due Feb 8)

  • Labarca et al.
  • Rosenfeld
  • HW6 (due Feb 15)

  • Fly Elongation Images.
  • Tutorial.
  • HW7 (due Feb 22)

  • Brangwynne
  • HW8 (due March 13)